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Youth for European Solidarity!

- Network of Towns


About YES!

"YES! - Youth for European Solidarity" is a 2-year network, designed for creating spaces for discussion on the meaning of Solidarity in times of crisis in Europe, on the effectiveness of existing European policies and programs supporting solidarity projects and on the Future of Solidarity in Europe, with the identification of innovative tools that could guarantee a strengthening of the European integration process. The international Events will be organized during the Europe Day, World Environment Day, Digital Learning Day, EU Cooperation Day, World Fair Trade Day.

"YES Toolkit"

- a methodology of the 5 Citizenships in support of Solidarity initiatives in Europe


Recommendation Paper "5 Citizenship, 1 Solidarity"

- a collection of all the ideas, suggestions, proposals born during the Community Campaigns and delivered to the relevant decision-makers and policy makers at every level, with the help of Eurodesk offices, existing within the partnership

 7 INTERNATIONAL EVENTS, 4 of them being focused on the 5 citizenships (European, Economic, Ecological, Digital and Global)

2 COMMUNITY CAMPAIGNS organized by the ESAs in their rural and suburban communities

TRAINING during the 4 thematic I.E.s, where 26 young people (2 per country) will be trained for becoming "ESA: European Solidarity Animators", ensuring sustainability and a long-term impact at the community level

The Partnership








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dott. Evangelista Leuzzi

Project Coordinator - Comune di Miggiano Italy

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